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At The Medicap Pharmacy®, we’re committed to the idea that quality pharmacy care means more than just prompt prescriptions. To us, quality care means that you get the prescriptions and medications you need, along with the care and attention you deserve.

Our pharmacy is dedicated to the wellbeing of your family and the wellbeing of the community. That’s why we offer services such as immunizations, medication therapy management, multi-dose packaging, medication synchronization, important health screenings, and expert care*. We strive to make it convenient for you and the people you care about to live a healthy life. Think of us as your community healthcare destination.

At The Austin Medicap Pharmacy, we have proudly served our community for over two decades. We expanded our store and services in 2003 to better be able to help our patients and will continue to look for new and innovative ways to make our community happier and healthier.

The Pharmacy Team

Jon Egelhardt.jpg

Jon Engelhardt, Owner & Manager

Jon Engelhardt is the owner and manager of Austin's Medicap Pharmacy. He grew up in northern Minnesota and graduated from Ada High School in 1978. Jon attended North Dakota State University and graduated from the College of Pharmacy in 1982. Jon and his wife, Ginger, moved to Austin in 1986 where he was a pharmacist at Sterling Drug for 10 years. Jon opened Medicap in 1997 with one technician, Rose Tamke. Currently, Medicap has grown to employ 11 full-time employees and 1 part-time employee. Even though Jon dedicates most of his time to his business, he does enjoy spending time with his wife, three grown children, and two grandchildren. He enjoys camping, walking with his dogs, and reading.

Kaye Hansen.jpg

Kaye Hansen, Pharmacist

Meet Kaye Hansen, she is one of the pharmacists at Medicap Pharmacy. Kaye graduated from Austin High School in 1993 and attended South Dakota State University College of Pharmacy, graduating with a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree in 1999. She has worked at Medicap for almost 13 years. Compounding is a favorite niche of pharmacy for Kaye. When Kaye is not at Medicap, she enjoys spending time with her husband Corey and three children ages 14, 12 and 9. She especially loves being outdoors on their family farm south of Austin. She also volunteers as a 4H leader and at her church.

Chris Meyer.jpg

Chris Meyer, Pharmacist

Chris Meyer has been a pharmacist at Medicap for 11 years. He is originally from Nebraska where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in biology from the University of Nebraska--Kearney. He then attended the University of Minnesota--Twin Cities where he earned his doctorate of pharmacy degree in 2001. At Medicap, you will see Chris behind the counter preparing prescriptions as well as filling prescriptions for assisted living and long term care facilities. He enjoys developing pharmacy niches including vaccinations, diabetic shoes and hosiery, Medication Therapy Management, and compounding.

He has been married to his wife Terri for 17 years and is a proud father of 4 adopted children: Max, Milhail, Quinn and Luke. When Chris is not at Medicap, he enjoys boating, walking, hunting, and drinks with friends.

Susie Young.jpg

Susie Young, Pharmacy Technician Manager

Meet Susie Young. She has worked at Medicap for thirteen years. Susie is the pharmacy technician manager and the all-around go-to person in the pharmacy. Susie and her husband, Jeff, have three grown sons and one sweet grandson. When Susie is not at Medicap, she enjoys baking, shopping in flea markets and thrift stores, walking and spending time outdoors

Rose Tamke.jpg

Rose Tamke, Pharmacy Technician & Bookkeeper

Meet Rose Tamke. She was Jon's first employee and has worked at Medicap Pharmacy as a technician and bookkeeper since 1997. Rose grew up in the Lyle area and now lives in Austin with her husband. They stay busy keeping up with their two grown children and the activities of their five grandchildren. Rose is very active with her church's activities and she loves to garden.

Tasha Kroneman.jpg

Tasha Kroneman, Pharmacy Technician

Meet Tasha! She has worked at Medicap for 6 1/2 years as a pharmacy technician. She specializes in packaging medications for the group homes our pharmacy services as well as preparing the In Home Compliance Packs. Tasha enjoys spending time with her husband Paul and their children Kody and Leigha. In the summer their family enjoys racing and in the winter they enjoy bowling.

Jennifer Mudra.jpg

Jennifer Mudra, Pharmacy Technician

Meet Jen, a pharmacy technician who processes and fills prescriptions. When she is not filling prescriptions, Jen loves life on the farm where she and Wally raise cattle and chickens (hopefully pigs and goats in the future). Jen has a dog Roxie and many cats. She enjoys spending time gardening and gathering around the campfire with friends and family.

Oralia Morales.jpg

Oralia Morales, Cashier

Meet Oralia! Medicap appreciates her hard work and great customer service in the pharmacy. Oralia assists many of our Spanish speaking customers and we are grateful for her bilingual skills. Oralia spends time with her husband and four children walking and playing with her pet bunny and dogs. She is an excellent cook and we love when she brings dishes to share.

Brenda Rogers.jpg

Brenda Rogers, Cashier

Meet Brenda, one of the cashiers at Medicap who is ready to help you at the drive through window or when you need to find something in the store. Brenda has been with Medicap for seven years--time flies when you're having fun.

Brenda enjoys spending time with her five children and grandson. She enjoys growing flowers in her yard at home and spending time outdoors.


Len, Medication Delivery

Have you seen Len driving around town? He is one of Medicap's delivery drivers. He and his wife Pat have lived in Austin for 31 years. They have two grown children, a son who lives in Eagan and a daughter who lives in Madison, WI and five grandchildren. Len and Pat enjoy traveling on their motorcycle, walking and working in their yard.

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